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Christmas Party.

This afternoon, we had a fabulous time at our Christmas party, where we played musical bumps, musical statues, and pass the parcel.  We also showed off our groovy dance moves!

We enjoyed some party snacks, and even had a surprise visit from Father Christmas, who delivered lots of presents!


Danby Moors Centre

On Friday, we had a fabulous time when we visited the Danby Moors Centre.

We explored a range of animals, and discussed their similarities and differences.

Also, we played a game of pass the parcel, solving clues and answering questions with each layer of the parcel!

After lunch, we went outdoors to play some games, follow animal tracks, and collect the animals from around the woods to put in our sledge.  When we had found all of the animals, we made it to the yurt, where we warmed up around the fire with a delicious hot chocolate while we listened to the story of ‘One Snowy Night’.

Brilliant Bird Feeders!

Yesterday, we used pine cones, lard, nuts, and seeds to make some bird feeders.

Today, we took them up to our wildlife area and hung them in the trees.  Let’s hope the birds enjoy them!


We have worked really hard to research, design and make our ‘shoebox habitats’.  We’ve made rainforests, deserts, oceans, ponds, and even an urban habitat.

In Maths, we’ve been working on counting on and back in steps of ten, and adding multiples of ten to any number. Today, we chose our own activities.



This week, we had a great time when we went to the Multisports event at Stokesley Secondary School.


This morning, we’ve worked collaboratively to solve maths reasoning problems.  Our ladybirds were only allowed to have spots made of 2p coins, so we needed to trade our 1p coins and 5p coins in order to find out how many spots we could fill.

This afternoon, during E.R.I.C (everyone reads in class), we enjoyed taking part in our Reading Bingo! Our Bingo Box contains a wide range of text, such as; newspapers, fiction, non-fiction, picture books, and chapter books.  When we’ve read anything from the box, we tick it off our list.

What a busy week!

This week, we really enjoyed our visit from Zoolab, who brought some smaller visitors with them!  We met an African land snail, a cockroach, a corn snake, a rat, and a bearded dragon.

We also received an exciting package! When we opened it, we discovered it was from The Jolly Postman! He had very kindly sent us a letter, and a copy of his book to help us with our Literacy.  We thought of lots of questions to ask him, and really enjoyed reading the book.  We have written some amazing letters, and some fabulous adverts for the Hobgobblin catalogue for witches!

In Maths, we have worked really hard to make 2-digit numbers with the Base 10, and then partitioned them in different ways.


Hello world!

Welcome back everyone. I am really looking forward to an exciting year. This is our class blog where we share our learning and share ideas with the children and adults alike. It is easy to blog.  Adults, there is no need to sign in, you can comment on any of our posts just by leaving your email address.

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